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EO has become a bible for anyone aware of the importance of positioning their website in the sale of their products or services. Key tool to ensure the visibility and recognition of a brand, there are many trends that start from Search Engine Optimization or, what is the same, optimization for search engines.

Among the many optimization techniques that we can work on to boost traffic and the presence of a business on the web, proposing a Linkbuilding strategy through the use of backlinks is one of the smartest decisions we can make. Don't you know what we're talking about? Read on and clear all your doubts!

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INDEX OF CONTENTS What is a backlink A backlink is a link on an external site to our page that redirects to it. It is the ideal way for a brand to gain authority, since both Google and other relevant search engines consider that the fact that many non-brand web pages point to it is a sign that it is a site with some importance. , which affects the organic classification of these search engines , which will show your publications in better positions when third parties talk about you.

POSTGRADUATE IN SEO Dominate the search engines, improve your visibility and train to understand the fundamentals of search engine optimization.

I want to sign up! Imagine that you want to position an online store about sports supplements. If you managed to get media such as 'Brand' or 'Men's Health' to place a link to your website, the consideration that Google would have of you would increase considerably overnight. The same as if you were in charge of a new restaurant in the center of Madrid and the blog of 'El Comidista', directed by the popular journalist Mikel López Iturriaga within 'El País', published a review about your business with a link to any of the sections of your page.

Why are backlinks important? Every external link posted on the third-party website that points to your project is an indication of how valuable, credible, and useful your content is to search engines like Google. Think of them as votes of confidence. Therefore, the more backlinks we get, the better positions we will achieve in search engines.

Although the Google algorithm is constantly changing, the truth is that backlinks were the basis of the original algorithm of the popular search engine, known as PageRank? . Despite the fact that this algorithm, as we said, does not stop updating, in the case of backlinks its influence in terms of ranking in your search results is still decisive.

When we talk about backlinks , we are basically talking about one of the fundamental aspects of SEO strategies, along with the quality of the content that we publish. Whether we are talking about a newcomer project or if our presence on the web has existed for several years, having a significant number of backlinks that support our activity is important. This will enhance both our reach and the trust of our target audience, who will see recognition by other sites and Google as a determining factor when betting on our products and services.

Types of backlinks Regarding the classification of backlinks , it is possible to differentiate up to four categories of this type of links. It is important to be clear about their differences so that we can identify them correctly, work on the types that suit us best, and understand how they differ from each other. Go for it:

dofollow links These are the most common external links , which already indicate to Google that the pages they are directed to are trustworthy, which translates into a shot of authority to that website.

Of course, the disadvantage is that while the authority of the pages to which they are pointed increases, that of the site in which they are inserted usually decreases, especially if they come from places with little relevance that can abuse this strategy with the aim of Get a trade to improve your presence. They are beneficial, especially when they come from websites with large audiences or recognition.

The more dofollow links pointing to our website, the more confidence the search engines will have in our website in general. They are conventional links, which at the HTML code level do not require any type of distinction, something that does happen with nofollow links .

nofollow links They are links that do require specifications in the HTML code, where they are distinguished with the rel=”nofollow” command , which indicates to Google that they are links that should not be tracked and, therefore, should not be taken into account. account to increase your authority.

Created especially to avoid SPAM, with them, the impact on positioning is insignificant or directly null. They are links that generate traffic and that can help us get clients, so they have their benefits, but they do not generate an impact on the positioning of our website and, therefore, on Google results pages.

Until September 2019, nofollow links included those links generated by users on a website and those that were generated in a sponsored way, but that is when two new attributes appear that give rise to two new types of backlinks .

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