When my Ex and I divorced, we were going to do it ourselves and not try and hurt the other. We just came to the conclusion that we needed to move on. Then she started talking to a lawyer. That’s when things got ugly. It turned out, that her mother and her worked out our divorce even before we were married, right down to how to screw me out of the money that I would get from selling our house. They had it all worked out. When we met in arbitration, she presented a paper that I signed 2 days before our wedding signing the house over to her. Her mother’s Money Manager slipped it in without my knowledge and having never bought a house before, I trusted them, after all, I loved her and trusted her. After the divorce, I got almost nothing even though I paid all the bills… it took a LONG time to not want to cause her pain… One day, after meditation, I went to her and I forgave her for what she did. Not for her, but for me. Ever since then, It released the power and the anger and I feel so much better for doing it. She no longer controlled my thoughts… Such a relief! Forgiveness heals the heart and mind… KC´s last [type] ..Missing my kids

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