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Again, the art of Loving the Things You Hate.

I am a bit of a "ham" as a girlfriend. I enjoy acting silly, sometimes dorky, singing stupid songs, making jokes. This can be a charming quality in a good friend (and probably why I've had so many male friends), and maybe for a girlfriend for the first few weeks you are dating. But I can fully appreciate that my goofiness might start to be a bit of a turnoff after a little bit. At least it probably was for Only Child (since then, I've thankfully learned how to embrace both my dorky and my sexy sides. Unfortunately, Only Child didn't get to reap those benefits).

I think it all started with the theme music to "Law & Order." Well, not the theme music alone...more like the performance I added to go along with the music. I went through a major phase of watching endless L&O; reruns and became irrationally excited when a new corpse was unveiled at the top of the show. Each time the intro music played, I would add a new instrument to the mix - the keyboard, the flute (or whatever that instrument is), the drums....But my favorite was the cheezy guitar riff at the very end. For some reason, I felt I could channel that 80's studio musician guitarist who was given the honor of playing those last few notes (beeeeow...beow, beow, beeowwww). I performed the song with all my heart, dancing around the room, waiting for the BIG moment - the guitar moment.

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