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In search of the perfect product: in this article, we've gathered ideas for products to sell on the internet in 2022. Enough!

Not being able to go outside for so long has made us look more inward: at our physical and mental health, where we live and who we love.

This change in perspective has also affected our consumption habits : what we considered essential before the pandemic has lost relevance, giving way to other items on our list of priorities.

So that you can stay on top of these changes that are shaking up e-commerce, we've come up with a list of 11 product ideas to sell in your online store in 2022.

This guide is intended to get you rolling rapidly, and in the correct heading. There's a ton to take in, however we've split everything up into simple to-process parts and have included loads of models en route.

Our list is based on data: we have gathered here some of the most searched products by users in search engines in recent months. Check out the results of our things to sell search below!

1. Frames and decorative plates The sudden change in routine for many Brazilians has greatly affected the way we view our home. Once a place where many of us spent a few hours a day, our homes and apartments have become a place for work, play, exercise and rest all at the same time.

The new way we look at our house has made many of us turn our energies to make it even more cozy. According to Google Trends , decoration items can be a good bet for products to sell on the internet in 2022 – especially paintings, posters and decorative plates.

2. Products to sell on the internet: toys for babies In recent months, there has been a surge in demand for gifts for babies. According to Google Trends, searches for terms such as “baby toys”, “baby gifts” and “baby kit” have increased significantly in recent months, and the latter is among the most searched in Brazil.To further enhance your products to sell, be sure to invest in the quality of product photography , as they will draw more attention on more visual platforms like Instagram.

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