1. While sitting at a cafe table, hold her hand across the table. Then pull her hand up off the table and teasingly challenge her to an arm-wrestling match. (You can make up some silly excuse if you want, like it's about who pays for coffee.) If she's not interested, then she might not be into this type of physical dominance and submission. If she does take you up on it, then be sure and move breakable glass items out of the way. Also, don't pin her arm down too quickly, because that could cause a pulled muscle. Plus, you want the conquest to last - be slow, sensuous and teasing about it. Mainly, lock her eyes with yours, and let her see that smug, dominant, teasing look. Back off a bit, as if you're going to let her win; and then watch her eyes as you firmly start pressing her arm down, letting her feel your strength.

When you go to pin her down, you can drop the smile and get more serious; let her feel the heat of that penetrating 'dom' stare as you literally gain the upper hand. You should be able to read her emotions, whether she's reacting with fear, desire, confusion, or some combination. If she's still in denial of her submissiveness, or trying hard to hide it from you, she may roll her eyes or look away from you and act like this is all such a silly macho thing. But if she is submissive, then inside she will be melting. Once you've pinned her arm down, then don't just let her pull it up again right away. Keep it there for a bit; press her hand and wrist firmly into the table for a bit, and maybe caress her fingers with your thumb. Be affectionate while you've got her pinned; she should get the idea that you enjoy having the upper hand. See how she responds to that.

2. While you're standing there hugging and kissing her, get a little bit forceful. Take both her wrists and pin them behind her back with one hand, and use the other hand to grasp her hair at the nape of the neck and pull her head back. Press her against your chest and lean into her, pushing her backwards a bit, and off-balance. Let her feel herself supported by your strong arm behind her. Meanwhile, kiss her slowly and forcefully; maybe even give her a sharp little love bite on the neck as you let out a low growl. This should make her feel vulnerable and helpless, being bent backwards with you close above her, and her arms pinned. I think this is something almost any sexually submissive woman would enjoy; but especially women who enjoy being dominated forcefully. See if she starts struggling; if she does it may mean either that she enjoys it or she doesn't. When she struggles, whisper in her ear: "Hmm, I think I'll just keep you here for a bit. I'll bet you enjoy struggling, don't you...?" If her response is anger, then she probably doesn't. But if she melts into your strength, or if she just continues to struggle while kissing you, then you've probably got a keeper.

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