Trying To Be A Brahman September 4, 2012 at 3:49 am
Congratulation so far for keeping up the 63 days of abstinence.
Before you even think about escorts or giving into some sort of out let.
Ed please try and think why you were doing this in the first place,

Think of how far you’ve got from abstaining, and think of all the benifits you’ve received

I know its hard abstaining from sexual thoughts when you live in a world where sex is marketed. The moment you learn to protect and not squander your semen is the moment you can call yourself a free man from the negative side effects of self abuse Mastibation and you’ll find a peace of mind.

Have you notice your more of a babe magnet now, the girls all pay you way more attention than they ever did before
have you had any dates lately

And are your energy levels still high

How do you feel about your conentration, notice you can concentrate a lot more on your goals in my life / including studying for uni

Ed the real abstinence not for the sake of sex, is not thinking about it; that’s where the real “not-masturbating”is.

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