In another state of mind, I may have been angered by the idea of casting even a single photon of positive light on a womanizer and his deeds. However, while the idea of “just enjoying women” is technically selfish, it isn’t entirely harmful.
I’m even considering being a “manizer” myself. I’ve recently started working on breaking my “Goldielocks” habit…checking out one bowl of porridge and casting it aside to try the next one. Instead of treating “non-potentials” like they no longer exist in my world, I’ve worked on keeping in touch with all the friendly, seemingly harmless guys.
I’ve often discovered after some chat, these guy hold some pleasant surprises. I still don’t consider them partner material (for specific reasons) but I’m warming up to the idea of just enjoying their presence and flirting for flirting’s sake.
So far, I’ve accomplished this online (smile) but plan on graduating to face-to-face “manizing.” I’ve got the equipment to charm (great smile, friendly presence, wit), why not have fun with it?

7.	on October 10, 2009 at 10:53 pm NCLawyer

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