Bank introduction services

Banking induction, as the name suggests, is the process of introducing potential clients to the bank that best suits their needs. The aim is to support the customer and increase his chances of finding a suitable bank account. Therefore, it is important to understand which bank is the most suitable service provider for the client by knowing their business profile and finances, status or personal background, as well as personal needs and preferences. Some banks require a high minimum account balance, others prefer active business customers or start-ups. Some banks cater to the needs of wealthy clients and offer a range of wealth management, private banking and investment services.

The main activities of the bank introductory agents are:

Analyzing and understanding the needs and preferences of the customer and his company
Recommend a bank that best suits the client's needs
Provision of all necessary application forms, contracts and other documents for the customer and assistance in filling them out correctly
Assessment of whether the customer has successfully completed all due diligence checks to the satisfaction of the bank's compliance officers, as well as advice on everything that could be required for a smooth application process
Arrange a meeting between the customer and the customer service manager at the bank, if necessary before opening an account, or have the documents handed over to the bank securely if a physical meeting is not required

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