Chances are, you've probably encountered a girl like Sasha Grey. You've talked to a girl that walks like she's horny, she talks like she's horny, and she flirts like she's horny. At the time, you probably thought this girl was just playing with you; trying to get your dick in a rise just to shut you down. You were probably thinking "This girl is too hot for me. There is no way that she is going to sleep with me. She's just busting my balls.".

I assure you that this type of girl isn't playing with you. I've slept with a lot of these girls, and some of these girls are my friends, and I can tell you that they LOVE to fuck. Pretty much, if you have the balls to make advances on them, they will fuck you. Cornfed is like this, The Italian is like this, and Blue Eyes is like this, just to name a few. If you were to talk to these girls, you would think that they were horny.

How can you tell that you're dealing with this type of girl and not a girl just busting your balls? When you make an advance, they don't back off and make you chase. These girls will either escalate the interaction, or still hang with you and not act like they're offended by your advances. If you run into one of these girls, and they make an obvious sexual pass or advance towards you without backing off when you reciprotcate, go after them with a full court press. This type of girl wants to fuck, and it's not just some girl just messing with your emotions. Sasha Grey types will challenge you to see if you have the balls to up the ante. Prove to them that you do, and you will be rewarded.

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