For many people, including daughters of divorce and women dealing with their own divorces, pain is what we know. Conflict is what’s comfortable. Dealing with an unavailable man is in our wheelhouse. A man who wants nothing more than to be with us and make our happiness his top priority is alien. If you can relate to fearing relationship success, I ask you to consider the following: Know that no relationship is conflict free, but you are worthy of having a relationship that makes you happy. If you aren’t there yet, embrace where you are now. What is it that holds you back from achieving a satisfying relationship? And once you have it, what will you do when you get there?

It’s no secret that marriage rates are on the decline. In 1960, 72% of Americans were married. Today, 50% are. Understandably, there’s a lot of fear and trepidation about marriage. Since the divorce rate has hovered around 50% for decades, the question for many is, why marry when there’s a one in two chance that it won’t work out?
I had a conversation with a man recently who has been with his girlfriend for fourteen years and they share three children. They wear wedding bands signifying their permanent commitment to one another, but never found it necessary to obtain a marriage certificate to make it legal. For them, it’s not important, as he believes marriage is a private relationship rather than something that needs to recognized by a civil or religious body.

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